Renowned Nobel Peace Prize winning economist and entrepreneur, Professor Muhammad Yunus speaks to The Message Pod's Nicole Haack about his mission to achieve zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero carbon emissions worldwide.

He started his musical life playing a tin cracker can and went on to win 9 Grammy Awards and 45 Gold and Platinum Records

Nicole is joined by Dr Fiona Kerr to discuss the fascinating world of brain power. Find out how our brains are affected by direct human interaction and how we can maximise our exposure in a technologised world.

Nicole was lucky enough to catch up with Nick Percat from Brad Jones Racing on the eve of the 2018 Adelaide 500.

Nicole ventures inside the marvellous mind of David Hill – former Managing Director of the ABC and sports administrator turned author.

Australian TV/Radio presenter and producer Andrew Denton has mastered the art of interview through programs like Enough Rope. This time he's the subject of the interview as he gives us his perspective on modern life, social media, assisted dying, the art of travel and his new TV program. He is as witty and intelligent as ever.

Aussie favourite and cricketing legend, Boof Lehmann joins Nicole in the Pod to talk about life, both in and out of the spotlight.

Nicole talks to Daniel Bogre Udell about his passion for languages and his endeavour to preserve them through his website, Wikitongues.