Robert McFarlane's photographs have cut through social issues as well as captured creative talents such as Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman.

Nicole is joined by TV personality Tom Williams, who is soon to be in Adelaide as Westpac Ambassador for the Cty-Bay fun run.

Nicole is joined by mother-of-three Katie Sarah, the first woman to summit the highest mountains and volcanic peaks on all seven continents.

Media personality Julie McCrossin joins Nicole to talk about her work advocating for Head and Neck Cancer sufferers, having survived Stage 4 throat cancer herself in 2013.

Nicole is joined by two American academics to pull apart the political landscape in the US.

Peter Gago has been at the helm of wine production at the prestigious Penfold's for over 16 years. Nicole chats to him about balancing innovation with tradition, the potential for the commerciality of the industry to affect his craftsmanship and more.

Nicole is joined by Dr Sebastian Rees, co-founder and CEO of Genwise, the 2017 Telstra Australian Business of the Year. He talks problem solving, rule breaking, meditation and what his elderly patients have taught him about living a life fulfilled.

Nicole Haack is joined by Wes Heddles, one half of Prohibition Liquor, whose gin has won over 20 awards since its release in 2015.