Introducing 'Living Proof' - tales from behind the bar

There are 700,000 bartenders in the US and Australia alone.  The 'Living Proof' podcast is designed for those who are passionate about their craft, providing access to the industry's esteemed icons, and sharing knowledge from within the global world of cocktails and spirits.

Episodes drop each week on a Monday, with a feature interview with the likes of such experts as David Wondrich, Phillip Duff, Allen Katz, Gaz Regan and the list goes on.  While the 'Free Pour' segment takes listeners across the globe to talk to bartenders about what's hot and what's not in the bar scene from New York to Shanghai and the Gold Coast to Mexico City.

Here's to 'Lifting Spirits'. Enjoy!

Dale DeGroff is King Cocktail. He’s a bartender, author and “one of the world’s foremost cocktail experts,” according to in the New York Times.

Introducing the Living Proof podcast, where Nicole Haack and The Admiral go behind the bar, to chat to come of the big names in the spirit and cocktail world.